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​Hello my name is Lee Nelson. I am passionate about health, wellness, environmentalism, and helping people achieve their full potential! On this site you will find the modalities that I resonate with and have found to be successful.
​Holistic Wellness Counseling

Personalized counseling to help you achieve your goals. I draw from all of my training and resources to give you a unique personalized path to success!

Initial consultation: $160
Includes 2+ hours of consultation, verbal and written recomendations, and an action plan to meet your goals.

Spot sessions: $80 an hour
Motivation, situational help and advice, or personalized help.

Monthly package: $300 a month
Includes a minimum of an hour of verbal consultation every week, answers to written emails along with written guidance which may include, exercises, recipes, or action plans.

Consultations can be done in person, through skype, over te phone, or through an online messenger.

Traditional and modern yoga. Personal classes, workshops for groups, or helping to develop a personalized yoga routine to meet your needs and goals.

One hour class: $80
I will come to you. $80 total so group classes would be less per person!

Yoga routine building: $120
Let me help you build a personalized routine to meet your time, physical, and spiritual needs. Can be done online although in person is best. Also once I do this for you then you will get a discount on personal classes to update your routine as you progress.

Yoga mentorship: $300 a month
Includes a two hour weekly class that will include all 8 limbs of yoga for a very traditional learning experience. Partners or groups can split the cost.
​Nutrition and Diet Counseling

Nutrition guidance on an individual basis or as a group workshop. I specialize in vegan and raw vegan nutrition and lifestyle, however I will work with anyone no matter what your diet is and your goals are. I can recommend and supervise cleanses as well as helping to make healthier choices to move you in the direction of a sustainable diet that works for you and your lifestyle.

Initial consultation: $160
Detailed discussion of your health history, diet history, and current diet. You will get general recommendations, a detailed transition guide to a goal diet that you help define, and a minimum of 5 personalized sample recipes.

7 day fruit, juice, or water fast guidance: $300
I will help you create a plan to transition into the fast, give you guidance and information during the fast, and most importantly help you transtion out of the fast safely into your new diet routine.

Month long nutrition guidance: $550
Everything in the initial consultation plus weekly in person shopping guidance, discussion and advice on dealing with social situations and family while starting a new diet, and a minimum of 5 personalized recipes per week.

Partner and family packages: each additional member will be half price. For example for month long guidance: First person $550, spouse $275, child $138, and so on.
​Tai Chi and Qigong

I practice and teach Tai Chi and Qigong with a focus on health, wellness, and spiritual growth. With personal one-on-one classes, group workshops, and personalized routines to fit into your life and schedule.

One hour class: $60
I will come to you. $60 total so group classes would be less per person!

Qigong routine building: $120
Let me help you build a routine that targets your specific goals and needs. In person is best although skype may be an option. You will recieve a discount on one hour personal classes to help further refine your practice as you progress.
Meditation, Mindfulness, and Pranayama

Learn meditation, mindfulness, and pranayama techniques. Learn to have a full conversation with God, the Universe, the Source of All That Is, or however you identify with divinity.

Hour long class of pranayama, guided meditation, and mindfulness discussion: $60
Total $60 so groups would be cheaper per individual! Can also be done online over skype.

Monthly meditation guidance: $250
Learn what meditation is and how it can enhance your life. Includes pranayama instruction, mindfulness discussions, and mantras or toning may be included. Includes at least one hour of discussion and shared practice per week plus guidance or questions answer if anything comes up during your personal practice.

​Reiki Energy Healing

​I combine my reiki training with my Qigong energy practice for a unique healing experience. This modality is very gentle and relaxing. It tends to work more on the emotional level as well as on the physical body. Reiki sessions can be in person or at a distance!

In person reiki healing one hour session: $60

Distance reiki healing session: $40

As well as the healing session I usualy tend to get intuitive messages that I will communicate to you.


​Learn to simplify your life. Find out what is truly important and brings value to your life. Create space and organize your possessions and your routines to make life simpler and more joyful!

Initial consultation: $160
Includes discussion of your situation and goals and creating an action plan.
​Preferably done in person but can be done online with skype so I can see the space you are working with to help create the action plan.

Month long minimalism blitz: $400
Includes initial consultation plus I will physically come to your house and help you prioritize, organize, donate, and or trash items for 2+ hours each weekend for four weeks (does not have to be consecutive if you have plans for a weekend in between)
Dream Interpretations

​Learn how to interpret your dreams. Gain wisdom and guidance from your subconscious mind. Personal guidance or group workshops.

Single dream interpretation: $10

Dream interpretation mentorship: $300 a month
This includes learning what dreams are, how to start remembering your dreams, how to start interpreting your dreams, and email communications going over all of your dreams during the month.
Oracle Card Readings

​Intuitive readings to gain guidance and wisdom with any issue you may be dealing with. Past, present, future readings and other sets. Can be done for groups, families, or organizations as well.

Single card reading, your divine message for the day: $10

Past, present, future reading to understand an issue you are dealing with and how to progress beyond it: $30
If you own a studio or know of a space for workshops please contact me to set up a workshop that resonates with your space!

​For all inquires and to schedule sessions please contact me at [email protected]